Dare to compare— I’ve been educating and enlightening people for decades.


As your Hypnosis Instructor, I promise to:

  • Treat you like an adult and respect your sensitivities
  • Respect your time and intelligence
  • Be open and approachable
  • Unselfishly reveal valuable resources
  • Conduct classes in a professional manner
  • Use hypnosis to teach Client Centered Hypnosis
  • Deliver hypnosis information that is relevant to developing your hypnosis skills and your hypnosis business
  • Be open to additional learning myself

My students promise to:

  • Respect my time and the classes time
  • In advance of the actual class: read the list of books and write the reports required for the BASIC and ADVANCED segments.  Oh yea, you are going to know this stuff and be able to use it when ever you choose because when you leave my class you represent me and my profession.  I take it serious and personal.  I truly want you to be prepared to succeed.  Your preparedness is my primary goal.  I am a pragmatic with an idealist heart.  I enjoy the theory and application.
  • Give me 100% effort when needed to meet a challenge
  • Understand that, I am not going to certify you for attendance but for competence.

Please read the additional information below and thank you for taking the time.

You can pay less,  I did!
but I wouldn’t repeat that mistake!

I’ve regretted that decision since just after the class was finished.

I know the value of outstanding training, do you?

Please read the information below and compare.

Yours for outstanding Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy …

Please call with any questions and thanks in advance.

Our hypnosis training thoroughly prepares you to offer a service your clients will be glad to pay forbecause:

  • You learn the principles and are coached to practice some of the most powerful techniques in use by successful hypnotists today.
  • You are taught client centered hypnosis so you empower your clients and earn their greatest respect.
  • You learn a complete system and know what you are going to do next.
  • These proven techniques have been used to help thousands of clients, by dozens of hypnotists the world over so you can feel confident learning and using them.
  • You are welcomed into an organization of  service and success that will support you long after you graduate.  Internships are available to complete your initial experience as a new Hypnotherapist and additional advanced training courses will propel you into your new life of service and fulfillment.

This advanced system draws from the strengths of many successful people in the profession, like Gil Boyne, Randel Churchil, Roy Hunter, Jerry Kein and Cal Banyan just to name a few.

As you take our professional hypnotism courses you will learn:

  • How to market yourself for maximum effect with minimum cost.
  • How to develop a range of services and prices that will broaden your potential client base.
  • How to earn your clients respect for maximum profit.
  • Why you would reschedule a first time client.
  • When you should have a doctors note to work with a client and how it would benefit you.
  • How to prepare a Pretalk and record it for your clients Initial interview.
  • How to prepare each client for a successful session.
  • How to properly set your clients expectations.
  • How to use the correct paper work to properly track your clients success.
  • How to encorporate the latest in electronics technology and put it to practical use.
  • How to use Waking Hypnosis and NLP principles to understand and predict Internal Resistance and which methods to use and when to use them to over come resistance.
  • How to choose the correct induction.
  • How to use multiple inductions when your client isn’t responding to ensure a successful first session.
  • You will practice Instant and Rapid Inductions until confident & competent.
  • How to use convincers and testing so your clients say, “Wow” after a session concludes.
  • How to access your clients representational system and manipulate it to accomplish the clients desired results.
  • How to properly conduct Age Regression sessions that lead to tremendous change.
  • When to use Forgiveness techniques (also called Chair Therapy).
  • When and How to do Parts Therapy that is client centered.
  • When to employ secrecy techniques.
  • How to facilitate a complete paradigm shift in your client to bring to a close the transformational process.
  • How to consistently produce powerful results in 45 – 90 minute sessions.
  • How to Learn, Practice and Teach a simple yet very powerful Self-Hypnosis discipline.
  • How to use your office in a way that demands your clients full respect.
  • How to work with medical professionals.
  • How to virtually eliminate "no shows" and even get paid for missed appointments.
  • What is essential to business and how to avoid unnecessary expenses.

      And much more …