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The following testimonials are taken from letters I've received from actual satisfied clients and are shared with full approval and permission from all individuals.

I knew about hypnotherapy from a long time ago but I was afraid to try it.

When I heard that Hypnosis is helpful for losing weight, I texted Mr.Michael and surprisingly he responded very quickly…( it is so rare these days)…

A few days after I had my first Hypnotherapy session and Finally felt so good, I felt myself down to earth again because I had been suffering with anxiety and panic attacks for a long time.

Michael and Paula helped me resolve and understand my childhood traumas and upsets in order to forgive myself and others, to be in control with my emotions and emotional eating, to let go and protect myself, to be more present and enjoy my life…

I can say that Hypnosis is working like something magic in a positive direction.

Also I want to say that for sure God works though people So I am very grateful towards My friend Anastasia who recommended Mr.Michael as well as to my Husband for encouraging me into doing it.

Thank you 🙏 Michael and Paula for helping me with everything and I will continue to do Hypnotherapy as i feel this is the best investment in myself..


.My 14 year old son has ADHD and several other behavioral problems. He was getting suspended from school so much, they had him to 3 days a week, with 3 classes. He was failing 2 out of 3 classes. He was harming his younger sibilings, to the point I didn't know what to do.We had tried several different behavioral therapist, nothing was working. My parents offered to pay for hypnotherapy with Michael, I figured, why not.  Best thing I ever did. Now he's a freshman,  going to school full time, passing all of his classes, mostly with A's and B's. He is on the football team and doing well. He no longer seeks out his younger siblings, just to harm them. Little things, l such as assigned chores, are no longer a fight, he typically does them without being asked. I am completely impressed with how much he has changed and the impact Michael and Paula had on my son and family. Thank you for setting my son up to be successful for the rest of his life!!! 
Terre Haute, Indiana

-Name Reserved-

I was having serious problems with my nerves and experiencing daily panic attacks, Mr. Hunt just talked with me and my whole perspective started to change.  We followed it up with some Hypnosis and I was totally and permanently changed during the very first session.  I learned to be aware of my inner voice and discipline my thinking.  I am in college and my future looks really bright.  Michael and Paula are great.  They always work together, you get two for the price of one.  I highly recommend them.

~Name Reserved~ 2019

I was injured in the military and after my return home was unable to reintegrate into society, I didn't like crowds or even small groups of people, I couldn't hold down even a part-time job.  Then after a few sessions with the Hunt's I recovered my self-confidence and social stability and now I enjoy working part-time and interacting in basically any sized group.  I highly recommend their services.

Name withheld 2017

I was told by my doctors that I would never be able to have children.  After numerous pregnancies that ended in the body auto aborting and much heartache, I had given up hope of ever having my own children.  Then I met Michael & Paula, after a long intake and my first session my migraine headaches stopped.  I was told to not be surprised if I conceived again soon,  I did and during my pregnancy, I continued to use Hypnotherapy to maintain a healthy womb environment for my baby.  I now have a healthy child of several years age something I was told would never happen.  I highly recommend the Hunt's and am so glad I went to them for help.

Details withheld 2016

A few years ago I decided to lose weight, mainly for health reasons, but also for my own sense of achievement and self-esteem. I lost 45 pounds and ended at 120 pounds and was in the best shape of my life! But for me, I lost weight everywhere including my bust line. I started at a B cup size in my developmental years at the age of 16 or so, and because breasts are mostly fatty tissue, I was a C cup during my over-weight years. So when I lost the 45 pounds my cup size shrunk as well. In fact I didn't just go back to my previous size, I went down to an A cup! I accepted that as the side effect of weight loss. I never even considered breast augmentation because I didn't like the idea of a false appearance or the danger associated with any surgical procedure. So when I found out that I had the ability, through my own subconscious mind, to make changes in my appearance by changing how I viewed myself, I was so excited! It was my own body using the power of the mind to make changes, NATURALLY! No pain, no recovery time, no scars, and it was all me. So after a few hypnosis sessions and some training in self-hypnosis from Mr. Hunt, I'm happy to report that my cup size is now a size D and I am working toward a DD. Thank you so much, Mr. Hunt. You not only addressed the reason I came to see you, but you gave me so much more by teaching me about my own mind and the power I had within me all along. 

In Jan.  2013, my husband sought  professional help for our 35 yr . marriage. After years of road travel due to his career, we had stopped communicating.  I had grown bitter, critical and disrespectful and very hurtful towards my husband without even realizing it.  Our intimacy was effected as well.
After much prayer, he decided to seek the professional counsel of Michael Hunt.  In a very short time, Michael was able to show us,  through God’s Word,  his counseling expertise, and hypnosis,   how we could  better communicate and regain the closeness and respectful love we had before.
We learned  how to listen to each other, to recognize feelings , to not allow things to build up, but to address them as they occur.  By using coaching techniques,  taught to us by Michael, we were on our way to achieving a happy, communicative,  and respectful marriage once again. It was never a matter of not loving each other.  God brought us together in 1978, our children are grown, gone, and have families of their own and we know it’s because we keep God first  that we are still together today.  I respect my husband  for seeking out the wise  counsel of Michael Hunt and for Michael’s gentle and caring coaching.  Thank you Michael for teaching us how to “listen”, to “coach” and to “respect” each other again...  I would definitely recommend Michael Hunt to anyone who needs professional guidance and counsel in any area of their life.
"it doesn’t have to take that long, be that difficult or cost that much...",
Names Reserved

Hypnosis works! And it’s easy! In the past, I’ve invested a lot of time, money, and emotional energy in traditional talk therapy, 12-step groups, etc. Since I started working with Michael Hunt, I’ve discovered it doesn’t have to take that long, be that difficult or cost that much.

I first started working with Michael because I was having anxiety attacks on a near constant basis and was rapidly loosing hope. Michael put me at ease right away. After just one session, the anxiety was greatly lessened and hope restored. Over the next few sessions, Michael and I were able to identify and heal several significant childhood events that had been blocking my progress. And as an unexpected bonus, I lost 5 pounds without even trying!

Michael provides a very safe, comforting environment for healing while maintaining trust through his professional manner. He taught me how to use my mind in a special way so that every day, in every way, I am truly getting better and better and better! I highly and heartily recommend him! Thank you, Michael!


"Michael has had such a profound impact on my life."

I came to Mr. Hunt as a referral from a Neurologist at FSU.  I was having psychogenic seizures.  I experienced my last full blown seizure my first visit in Mr. Hunt's office.  He quickly helped me through the process of discovering the source, reason, and purpose for my seizures and facilitated me in releasing the need and benefit of the seizures.  Further, he helped me renew my internal strengths and abilities to cope normally.  After a short time I was handling circumstances, I had come to fear and avoid.  It truly was a transformation I had never previously hoped to accomplish.  I had become afraid I was "seizure bound for life".  I am so thankful for Mr. Hunt and all his dedication to my full recovery.  You've got to be willing to learn and change and if you are, then there should be nothing stopping you from becoming what you were meant to be.
- Mary Ann

"Thank you for the masterful way you presented the material."

"I am the woman who asked the question on the Prosperity Special Interest Group call about any sub or unconscious beliefs that may be thwarting the results of my optimistic, positive beliefs and actions about prosperity. I want to thank you for the masterful way that you presented the material. While much of it was familiar to me, I appreciated hearing aspects of it to reinforce and refresh my focus. Now feeling great peace, more faith, trust and willingness to be patient, knowing that everything in my life truly is perfect in the moment."

Warmest regards and appreciation,

"There are no limits on my dreams..."

"....As for myself, I write to you in sincere gratitude for the lessons and for the loving reminders. The caterpillar metaphor was a real "eye opener" for me.  So as I transformed in the past 30 days, I am more confident to spread my wings and join in the joyful dance of life. All is possible! There should be no limits on dreams and desires and I am very grateful."

Name withheld

A Few Brief Testimonials

Michael, Thanks for the push forward. You helped me discover that I make a difference. You are a light for many.


Dear Michael, You know you are a very special person for me - you have given me gifts and insight that I will always cherish and hold close to my heart.


Michael, The book is very inspirational. I am glad that we have knowledgeable people like you to push others to believe in themselves. I wanted to say thank you.

Sincerely, Karen